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I am a male,48 looking for a serious date..

Hi... I am a male,48 looking for a serious date.. And if there is someone who is just looking for a friendly open-minded chat.. share thoughts.. do message here. Cheers

Jagan nirujogi replied
10 Miesiące Temu
Hello boss

Coedcherry replied
10 Miesiące Temu
Hi.am also looking for a serious relationship and a man that can take care of me
shabz replied
10 Miesiące Temu
Im looking for a date too 22 yrs old f
Rosa replied
10 Miesiące Temu
Hi am Rosa by name, and I'm from the US. I am seriously in need of a man that can take good care of me. I just want to settle down with as husband and wife. roses.rosedot@gmail.com