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How to keep up a relationship with people?

Do you meet girl or boy on the Internet?

Read how to keep up a this relationship.

How to keep up a relationship with someone you met online?

Spending time with people that you met online is similar to all the activities you can do with your real life friends or partners. Being in a long-distance relationship, especially with someone you never met, can be challenging because the person is never around you in person and it might feel like they’re not a part of your real life.You should find out if they’re feeling the same way about you or if they’re just looking for someone to have fun with and are not interested in keeping the relationship up outside of the chat. You can ask them for something that is more personal - like their Facebook info or for them to add you on Facebook, their Whatsapp number or another social media platform that you’re both using - and say that you think you can stay in touch. They can say no to that and this way you know where you’re standing - but they might say yes. If you talk to that someone, then talk some more and you both perhaps agree that you are attracted to each other and may want to try to start a relationship, you need to make sure, and they need to as well, that the other person feels appreciated and supported at all times. Talk to them first - they will appreciate it a lot. Ask about how their day went, what they did, say a few things about yourself. Staying in touch in all the different ways is key.

It can be said with some confidence that if the person you’re talking to is a good match, both in a relationship or friendship, or just as someone to hang out with, you will end up doing the same things online that you do on your own. Possibilities are pretty much endless and it’s all up to you, both of you. You can even both be doing your own thing while being connected in a chat at the same time - this might actually strengthen your relationship if you’re already a bit more advanced. A bit later into the relationship might be a sign that you feel comfortable spending time with each other. Just like real life friends or partners, you can run errands together, study or nap together, you might just be on the way to being with someone who is always there for you and someone you can build a real relationship with.