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Impressing the other user in an online chat

How to make a good first impression?

Be original and brave!

Make a good impression

Today, online chats are a completely legitimate and reasonable way to meet strangers, date them online and have a long-distance relationship. But there are some rules for you to follow to make the experience even better and successful. How to make a good first impression?

Often people would open their ‘about me’ pages by claiming that they are not good at something, like an activity, work or they lack some knowledge. If you are the one who puts yourself down, you are most certainly not going to sound interesting or confident and people will see you as insecure and needy – both qualities are to be avoided. If you don’t want to seem cocky or full of yourself, you do not need to brag about how great you are at something. Find the middle ground, say something about your hobbies, but be at least a bit specific - being interested in movies, music and sports seems boring, everyone likes those. Say what movies and what music genres, even name some particular ones or some favorite bands, these are great conversation openings for others who want to start a chat with you but aren’t sure how!

Don’t describe your perfect soulmate, no one is perfect – you are going to drive away a significant amount of people doing so. Instead, make sure that you aren’t really describing your ex or anyone who has all the great qualities. Many people focus on meeting those who are real, who have both good and bad sides. Keep things open and be careful when you write these things.

Use emojis in your conversations - it makes the words and sentences look interesting and fun to look at. Express your emotions and hidden thoughts like this. It will seem like more of a real conversation, conveying the things that you can express in words.

Make sure to think about what the other person is thinking. If they are responding with a single word or not responding – take a step back and realize that this is not a good sign. Maybe they are busy, but perhaps they are just not into you. In both cases, you need to understand that it might not go too far with that person. Keep talking, but do not push anything on them.

While in regular dating you won’t have any kind of background information about the person that you want to approach, online chatting is not like that. Here you often get personal profile information that may give away something about others. The majority of dating sites are going to feature profiles and you should check them out, learn more about others and think who is your type. You are literally allowed to take a look at the person’s personality before you initiate the talk. Think about an opening sentence here and where to go from there.

Be original and brave - being emotionless and boring won’t get you far. Understand how chatting online works because it’s not exactly like talking in person.