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How talk to strangers?

Asking questions might be a crucial part

of chatting with strangers online.

What to chat about online and what you should avoid - chat rooms

Asking questions might be a crucial part of chatting with strangers online. After all, this will give you some kind of freedom to make the conversation go in the desired direction. You shouldn’t ask about things that are too personal, at least not at the beginning - you never know which topic is this particular person’s sensitive topic, for now you should refrain from asking about their family situation and family members, their financial situation and their background, like their nationality. Some people might be embarrassed to talk about some of these, so do not ask directly about those. If they want to mention it, they will, try to feel what the situation calls for and decide whether now is the time to bring it up. You should ask questions about their hobby, work or education, their views or thoughts - without discussing politics and religion too much, as you never know if they share your beliefs or not, and you don’t want to have an immediate argument - you want to get to know them better in a pleasant atmosphere. Ask creative questions that require some thinking. A creative answer from them will spark off a full-blown conversation between you too. You do not need to go for cliches, like ‘if you could be any animal, what would it be’, but give them some room to express themselves. Ask about favorite memories from different eras of their lives, holiday destinations, books, movies and music - it will be great if you get along here, these topics have no limitations and can have you occupied for hours.

All of these are capable of going a long way when it comes to going through small talk. All of the questions are likely to inspire further conversation which is amazing to get through awkward and meaningless talks. What is more, these questions demonstrate sincere interest in the other person which is always beneficial, they will see you as genuine and will be more likely to get interested in talking to you. This can be helpful in getting you further into starting a friendship or even a relationship. Of course, you need to determine the questions that you need to ask, not everyone needs to have a lot to say about everything. But if they have a special hobby, maybe something unusual, use it to your advantage and get them talking about it. And if there will not be much to talk about with each other, you will see it instantly. You both might be ridiculously attracted to each other, but if there isn’t much connection there, you might have to reconsider if this is worth pursuing.

Talking is crucial for online chats, that’s what they focus on after all! Use it! If they apply similar techniques to their chatting with others, try to answer in an original, unconventional way - and truthful too! Do not waste your time if talking to this person isn’t easy or you don’t feel like telling them much, that might be a bad sign for you two.